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Artist / Body Painter.
Matt Huntley has been doing theater makeup and arts for over 15 years, with emphasis on special FX.  After moving to Portland OR, Matt became involved in various non-profit theater troupes doing stage makeup, as well as makeup for photo shoots.  Matt is an avid mask maker, who tries to incorporate this 3D art style into his body painting.   When time allows, Matt likes to give workshops on mask making, theater arts, and body painting, and has known to mentor budding artists. 




Model Mayhem


Richard Holmes: ARTIST / BODY PAINTER 

Richard broke out of his artistic shell at the age of six. Using color pencil, he created his first landscape mural. Drawing became an obsession for him and over the next 11 grades he would find himself getting into trouble quite often with his peers for drawing in class instead of focusing on his lessons. His parents were not shocked to realize that the artwork though proudly presented by his 8th grade teacher in a mechanical drawing class had little to do with the class lessons.

Over the years and many mediums later, Richard found that drawing was only part of what he loved. His passion lied with in creating textures using mixed mediums known today as faux painting and dimensional art. In 1986, at the age of 19, artisan Richard l Holmes started his professional painting journey as an apprentice house painter. During the day, he would work for his employer and at night, he was honing his artistic skills.Over the next 14 years, Richard had become a master in his profession. While working for others, he had painted everything from historical structures to the architectural elements on Seattle ’s Safeco Field. In 1999, Richard branched off and opened his decorative painting company. This self-taught artist had taken his passion for the arts and melted it together with his professional background to form his company known today as RL. Holmes. Offering decorative finishes in Italian plaster, faux effects, Trompe l’ oeil murals and more. Today you will find his elegant work in prestigious restaurants, hotels, homes, and yachts, in addition to commercial & historic buildings all over the northwest.

You will also find his  art work walking around representing the ultimate challenge is dimensional canvas paintings otherwise known as Body Art.
Richard, always striving for the greatest challenge and biggest rewards in the arts started Body Painting in 2009.
Starting with temporary airbrushed tattoos wasn’t enough and seeing an article on National Body Painting competitions set his sights for a new adventure in dimensional painting on a complex surface.Since then he has created over a hundred schemes on models varying from the appearance of wearing clothes to surrealism. 

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Caitlin Margo: BODY PAINTER / Assistant / Model

Caitlin is a junior at Lewis and Clark college, double majoring in International Affairs and Theater. She's primarily on stage, but she has always been fascinated and enjoyed being a part of what goes on behind it. For her body paint is just a continuation of creating a story. She prefers to use art to enhance the story the body is telling, and not simply use the body as a passive canvas. She is grateful to Matt Huntley for all of training, expertise and opportunities. 




Nate is an artist who loves expression of the human form.  As a photographer, he has an eye for the scene and he is known in his circle for capturing raw and beautiful portraits through intuitive timing and connection to his subjects.  As a body painter, Nate enjoys working with traditional brushes and he is still developing his own style as a body paint artist.

Nat Stillmaker 





Matt Adamik is a Cleveland, Ohio native who relocated to Portland four years ago. He has been using his cameras for over 19 years to interpret the world around him. Originally he & his cameras were drawn to all the natural landscapes that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, he has since embraced the free spirited ways of living in Portland and has started pursuing more portrait oriented photography & working with alternative photographic methods. Most recently, Matt has spent the past year trying to capture the beautiful art of burlesque in the Portland/Vancouver area shooting for Pastie Parade, Tease Time, Sinn Savvy Productions, Burk Biggler Productions & most recently Madison Moone's Burlesque Revue. 

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I became interested in photography upon viewing an image in which my Mother had cropped off my Brothers' & my heads. I rationed, 'How hard could this Art be, really?' Since then, I've attended the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, studied under an infamous magazine and celebrity photographer, and decided to start catering to myself. Thus, I birthed Back in Black Photography in the hopes of capturing various aspects of the Art form and pretty much whatever will pay the bills. 

Black in Black Photography 




Adelle Lennox: Model / BODY PAINTER

Adelle Lennox is Body Paint Girl, a passionate body paint model who enjoys both sides of the art — being a model and a painter.  She has modeled in paint for 5 years and has been painting for almost as long.

Adelle has modeled in three professional body paint competitions and actively builds relationships with international artists. Her mission is to promote the personal benefits of being body painted with people all over the world.

Body Paint Girl believes body paint modeling is an incredibly effective way to increase self love, self confidence and personal empowerment. She encourages everyone she knows to try body paint modeling to experience the transformation that happens when covered in paint.

Adelle recently produced a Body Painting Showcase held at Portland's Last Thursday Street Fair in July 2011.  She also modeled for 2nd place winner Natasha Kudashkina at the North American Body Paint Championships in Dallas, Texas, in March 2011.

This winter, Body Paint GIrl travels to Maui, Hawaii, where she will study body painting techniques with body painter Rachel Deboer. She will return to Portland next spring to continue building the Portland body painting community and to model in competitions.

Get more information about Adelle's upcoming projects, events and travel plans at


Body Paint Girl




2011 Models:

Adelle Lennox, Jasmine Kee, Cara Mia, Ayla Sakura, Kelly Sparks, Alison Fleur De Sel, Barbi DeSmith, Jennifer Eichler and Candy Lanet



Natalie Witt: Model

Technically, I'm just a daytime working schmuck and part time collegian trudging on through life. I've always had a profound interest in anthropology and photojournalism, an obsession with seeing through an extra pair of eyes; photography is not so much a hobby to me as it is an extra memory, only with the ability to capture and portray a new perception of the same situation with each click. When applied to body-art, the camera is able to record an entire lifespan of a creation; in this case, a creation that literally lives and breaths. The application of life onto life, into life. Very few are lucky enough to participate in the complete documentation of any sort creation, and I thank Mr. Huntley from the tip of my trigger finger for the opportunity.


Cara Graca: Model

Cara Graca, sometimes known as Cara Mia, is a white magnetic wizard who has used artistry in various forms for years to enrich her life. When in college, she studied theater & journalism and pursued humanitarian endeavors on the side. Though her career experience is predominantly in broadcasting, she is now registered as a homecare provider and uses modeling in different varieties to express herself creatively. She's new to Portland so don't be afraid to say hi and introduce yourself, especially if you're interested in some form of artistic collaboration!